About LaVigna

Independent Liquor Merchant

This is our story

La Vigna is a premium independent wine store, owned and run by a family of passionate wine connoisseurs for over 25 years. The Menora wine store and cellar is renowned for both the extensive range and exceptional quality of its wines. The Tamburri family have grown a devoted extended family of Perth’s wine lovers, people who know they can always depend on La Vigna for excellent wine and advice that exceeds their expectations.

An integral part of Perth’s wine and food culture, the Tamburri family, are distinguished by their consummate wine knowledge and genuine love of helping people enjoy their wine experience.


About the Author

Ann Marie Tamburri is the next generation of wine connoisseur from the family at the heart of La Vigna. Surrounded by wine culture her whole life, she is a genuine aficionado who loves sharing her knowledge and passion for wine. A regular vineyard tourist and international wine taster,

Ann Marie still calls La Vigna home – and looks forward to your next visit.